Giro d'Italia : the real numbers of doping

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Last update : 09/05/2024


These statistics count riders who have been pinned at some point in their career. They therefore evolve according to positive controls, confessions, inquieries, etc. All of these numbers are likely to rise over time. In particular, the figures for the last ten years races should be regarded as highly provisional.


The table below establishes, team by team, the count of the riders who have been or will be subsequently "pinned" in doping cases.

Race Participants Top 10 Podium Winner
Riders Pinned % Pinned % Pinned % Pinned %

Pinned: Number of riders who violated the anti-doping rules.
Included in this category: riders who have been tested positive (including refuse to submit to doping control or hematocrit> 50%), having acknowledged having doped, having been sanctioned (by the justice, their federation or their team).
Not included (for example) : those whose sample B was negative.
Top 10: number of riders present in the top 10 of the final general classification.
Podium: number of riders present in the first 3 of the final general classification.

The real numbers of doping

Other statistics :

General classification winners

In the list below, runners pinned in our doping directory appear with a red or yellow card.

Tour Winner Second Third
1968Merckx Eddy Red card Adorni Vittorio Red card Gimondi Felice Red card
1969Gimondi Felice Red card Michelotto ClaudioZilioli Italo Red card
1970Merckx Eddy Red card Gimondi Felice Red card Vandenbossche Martin
1971Pettersson GostaVan Springel Herman Red card Colombo Ugo
1972Merckx Eddy Red card Fuente José-manuelGaldos Francisco
1973Merckx Eddy Red card Gimondi Felice Red card Battaglin Giovanni Red card
1974Merckx Eddy Red card Baronchelli GianbattistaGimondi Felice Red card
1975Bertoglio FaustoGaldos FranciscoGimondi Felice Red card
1976Gimondi Felice Red card De Muynck JohanBertoglio Fausto
1977Pollentier Michel Red card Moser Francesco Yellow card Baronchelli Gianbattista
1978De Muynck JohanBaronchelli GianbattistaMoser Francesco Yellow card
1979Saronni Giuseppe Yellow card Moser Francesco Yellow card Johansson Bernt
1980Hinault Bernard Yellow card Panizza WladimiroBattaglin Giovanni Red card
1981Battaglin Giovanni Red card Prim TommySaronni Giuseppe Yellow card
1982Hinault Bernard Yellow card Prim TommyContini Silvano Red card
1983Saronni Giuseppe Yellow card Visentini Roberto Red card Fernandez Blanco Alberto Red card
1984Moser Francesco Yellow card Fignon Laurent Red card Argentin Moreno
1985Hinault Bernard Yellow card Moser Francesco Yellow card Lemond Greg
1986Visentini Roberto Red card Saronni Giuseppe Yellow card Moser Francesco Yellow card
1987Roche Stephen Red card Millar Robert Red card Breukink Erik
1988Hampsten AndrewBreukink ErikZimmermann Urs
1989Fignon Laurent Red card Giupponi Flavio Red card Hampsten Andrew
1990Bugno Gianni Red card Mottet Charly Yellow card Giovannetti Marco
1991Chioccioli FrancoChiappucci Claudio Red card Lelli Massimiliano
1992Indurain Miguel Yellow card Chiappucci Claudio Red card Chioccioli Franco
1993Indurain Miguel Yellow card Ugrumov Piotr Yellow card Chiappucci Claudio Red card
1994Berzin Evgueni Red card Pantani Marco Red card Indurain Miguel Yellow card
1995Rominger Tony Yellow card Berzin Evgueni Red card Ugrumov Piotr Yellow card
1996Tonkov Pavel Yellow card Zaina EnricoOlano Abraham Red card
1997Gotti Ivan Red card Tonkov Pavel Yellow card Guerini Giuseppe
1998Pantani Marco Red card Tonkov Pavel Yellow card Guerini Giuseppe
1999Gotti Ivan Red card Savoldelli Paolo Red card Simoni Gilberto Red card
2000Garzelli Stefano Red card Casagrande Francesco Red card Simoni Gilberto Red card
2001Simoni Gilberto Red card Olano Abraham Red card Osa Eizaguirre Unai Yellow card
2002Savoldelli Paolo Red card Hamilton Tyler Red card Caucchioli Pietro Red card
2003Simoni Gilberto Red card Garzelli Stefano Red card Popovych Yaroslav
2004Cunego Damiano Yellow card Honchar Sergei Red card Simoni Gilberto Red card
2005Savoldelli Paolo Red card Simoni Gilberto Red card Rujano Guillen José Red card
2006Basso Ivan Red card Gutierrez José-enriqueSimoni Gilberto Red card
2007Di Luca Danilo Red card Schleck AndyMazzoleni Eddy Red card
2008Contador Alberto Red card Ricco Riccardo Red card Bruseghin Marzio Yellow card
2009Menchov Denis Red card Di Luca Danilo Red card Pellizotti Franco Red card
2010Basso Ivan Red card Arroyo Duran DavidNibali Vincenzo
2011Contador Alberto Red card Scarponi Michele Red card Nibali Vincenzo
2012Hesjedal Ryder Yellow card Rodriguez Oliver JoaquinDe Gendt Thomas
2013Nibali VincenzoUran RigobertoEvans Cadel
2014Quintana Rojas Nairo Alexander Red card Uran RigobertoAru Fabio
2015Contador Alberto Red card Aru FabioLanda Meana Mikel
2016Nibali VincenzoChaves Rubio Johan EstebanValverde Alejandro Red card
2017Dumoulin TomQuintana Rojas Nairo Alexander Red card Nibali Vincenzo
2018Froome Christopher Clive Yellow card Dumoulin TomLopez Moreno Miguel Angel Red card
2019Carapaz Montenegro Richard AntonNibali VincenzoRoglic Primoz
2020Geoghegan Hart TaoHindley JaiKelderman Wilco
2021Bernal Gomez Egan ArleyCaruso Damiano Red card Yates Simon Red card
2022Hindley JaiCarapaz Montenegro Richard AntonLanda Meana Mikel
2023Roglic PrimozThomas GeraintAlmeida Goncalves Joao Pedro

Red card reports a rider who was sanctioned in a doping case
Yellow card reports a rider pinned in our doping directory but who has not been sanctioned or whose we are not aware of the possible sanction

The alternative prize list

The other track record is the one you will not see anywhere else. We have removed from the official list all the riders who have been, at one time or another of their career or even after, involved in a doping case and appear as such in our directory.
This alternative ranking starts in 1968, the date of the first anti-doping tests.

Tour Winner Second Third
1968Gabica FranciscoBitossi FrancoVelez Eusebio
1969Michelotto ClaudioSchiavon SilvanoColombo Ugo
1970Vandenbossche MartinPettersson GostaBitossi Franco
1971Pettersson GostaColombo UgoGaldos Francisco
1972Fuente José-manuelGaldos FranciscoLopez-carril Vicente
1973Pesarrodona JoséLazcano SantiagoPanizza Wladimiro
1974Baronchelli GianbattistaConti ConstantinoFuente José-manuel
1975Bertoglio FaustoGaldos FranciscoPerletto Giuseppe
1976De Muynck JohanBertoglio FaustoBaronchelli Gianbattista
1977Baronchelli GianbattistaVandi AlfioPanizza Wladimiro
1978De Muynck JohanBaronchelli GianbattistaPanizza Wladimiro
1979Johansson BerntLaurent MichelBeccia Mario
1980Panizza WladimiroPrim TommyBaronchelli Gianbattista
1981Prim TommyFuchs JosefVandi Alfio
1982Prim TommyBaronchelli GianbattistaBeccia Mario
1983Beccia MarioRuperez FaustinoChozas Eduardo
1984Argentin MorenoBaronchelli GianbattistaBeccia Mario
1985Lemond GregPrim TommyBaronchelli Gianbattista
1986Lemond GregCorti ClaudioChioccioli Franco
1987Breukink ErikGiovannetti MarcoBauer Steve
1988Hampsten AndrewBreukink ErikZimmermann Urs
1989Hampsten AndrewBreukink ErikChioccioli Franco
1990Giovannetti MarcoPulnikov VladimirChioccioli Franco
1991Chioccioli FrancoLelli MassimilianoSierra Leonardo
1992Chioccioli FrancoGiovannetti MarcoHampsten Andrew
1993Lelli MassimilianoArgentin MorenoPulnikov Vladimir
1994Rodriguez NelsonHampsten AndrewPulnikov Vladimir
1995Rincon Quintana OliveiroZaina EnricoImboden Heinz
1996Zaina EnricoFaustini StefanoShefer Alexandre
1997Guerini GiuseppeBelli WladimirRubiera Vigil José-luis
1998Guerini GiuseppeBettini PaoloRubiera Vigil José-luis
1999Zintchenko AndreiLuttenberger Peter
2000Noe AndreaBelli WladimirRubiera Vigil José-luis
2001Azevedo José BentoNoe AndreaContreras Carlos-alberto
2002Garate Juan-manuelEscartin FernandoVerbrugghe Rik
2003Popovych YaroslavNoe AndreaBelli Wladimir
2004Popovych YaroslavBelli WladimirMcgee Bradley
2005Garate Juan-manuelKarpets VladimirVan Huffel Wim
2006Gutierrez José-enriqueCasar SandyGarate Juan-manuel
2007Schleck AndyArroyo Duran DavidPozzovivo Domenico
2008Van Den Broeck JurgenPozzovivo DomenicoNibali Vincenzo
2009Sastre CarlosRogers MichaelArroyo Duran David
2010Arroyo Duran DavidNibali VincenzoEvans Cadel
2011Nibali VincenzoGadret JohnRodriguez Oliver Joaquin
2012Rodriguez Oliver JoaquinDe Gendt ThomasUran Rigoberto
2013Nibali VincenzoUran RigobertoEvans Cadel
2014Uran RigobertoAru FabioRolland Pierre
2015Aru FabioLanda Meana MikelAmador Bipkazakova Andrei
2016Nibali VincenzoChaves Rubio Johan EstebanKruijswijk Steven
2017Dumoulin TomNibali VincenzoPinot Thibaut
2018Dumoulin TomCarapaz Montenegro Richard AntonPozzovivo Domenico
2019Carapaz Montenegro Richard AntonNibali VincenzoRoglic Primoz
2020Geoghegan Hart TaoHindley JaiKelderman Wilco
2021Bernal Gomez Egan ArleyVlasov AleksanderMartínez Poveda Daniel Felipe
2022Hindley JaiCarapaz Montenegro Richard AntonLanda Meana Mikel
2023Roglic PrimozThomas GeraintAlmeida Goncalves Joao Pedro

The alternative list allows us to establish a list of winners since 1968, who do not appear in the doping directory, classified by number of victories:

Victories Riders
3Nibali Vincenzo
2Guerini Giuseppe
Hampsten Andrew
Prim Tommy
Lemond Greg
Popovych Yaroslav
Dumoulin Tom
Garate Juan-manuel
De Muynck Johan
Chioccioli Franco
Baronchelli Gianbattista
1Roglic Primoz
Hindley Jai
Bernal Gomez Egan Arley
Geoghegan Hart Tao
Carapaz Montenegro Richard Anton
Aru Fabio
Uran Rigoberto
Rodriguez Oliver Joaquin
Arroyo Duran David
Sastre Carlos
Van Den Broeck Jurgen
Schleck Andy
Gutierrez José-enrique
Azevedo José Bento
Noe Andrea
Zintchenko Andrei
Zaina Enrico
Rincon Quintana Oliveiro
Rodriguez Nelson
Lelli Massimiliano
Giovannetti Marco
Breukink Erik
Argentin Moreno
Beccia Mario
Panizza Wladimiro
Johansson Bernt
Bertoglio Fausto
Pesarrodona José
Fuente José-manuel
Pettersson Gosta
Vandenbossche Martin
Michelotto Claudio
Gabica Francisco

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