Tour of Spain : the real numbers of doping

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Last update : 29/06/2024


These statistics count riders who have been pinned at some point in their career. They therefore evolve according to positive controls, confessions, inquieries, etc. All of these numbers are likely to rise over time. In particular, the figures for the last ten years races should be regarded as highly provisional.


The table below establishes, team by team, the count of the riders who have been or will be subsequently "pinned" in doping cases.

Race Participants Top 10 Podium Winner
Riders Pinned % Pinned % Pinned % Pinned %

Pinned: Number of riders who violated the anti-doping rules.
Included in this category: riders who have been tested positive (including refuse to submit to doping control or hematocrit> 50%), having acknowledged having doped, having been sanctioned (by the justice, their federation or their team).
Not included (for example) : those whose sample B was negative.
Top 10: number of riders present in the top 10 of the final general classification.
Podium: number of riders present in the first 3 of the final general classification.

The real numbers of doping

Other statistics :

General classification winners

In the list below, runners pinned in our doping directory appear with a red or yellow card.

Tour Winner Second Third
1968Gimondi Felice Red card Perez Frances JoséVelez Eusebio
1969Pingeon RenéOcana Luis Red card Wagtmans Rini Red card
1970Ocana Luis Red card Tamames AgustinVan Springel Herman Red card
1971Bracke Ferdinand Yellow card David Wilfried Red card Ocana Luis Red card
1972Fuente José-manuelLasa Miguel-maria Red card Tamames Agustin
1973Merckx Eddy Red card Ocana Luis Red card Thévenet Bernard Red card
1974Fuente José-manuelAgostinho Joachim Red card Lasa Miguel-maria Red card
1975Tamames AgustinPerurena Domingo Red card Lasa Miguel-maria Red card
1976Pesarrodona JoséOcana Luis Red card Nazabal José Red card
1977Maertens Freddy Red card Lasa Miguel-maria Red card Thaler Klaus-peter
1978Hinault Bernard Yellow card Pesarrodona JoséBernaudeau Jean-rené Yellow card
1979Zoetemelk Joop Red card Galdos FranciscoPollentier Michel Red card
1980Ruperez FaustinoTorres PedroCriquielion Claude Yellow card
1981Battaglin Giovanni Red card Munoz Pedro Red card Belda Vicente Red card
1982Lejarreta Marino Red card Pollentier Michel Red card Nilsson Sven-ake
1983Hinault Bernard Yellow card Lejarreta Marino Red card Fernandez Blanco Alberto Red card
1984Caritoux Eric Yellow card Fernandez Blanco Alberto Red card Dietzen Raimund Yellow card
1985Delgado Pedro Yellow card Millar Robert Red card Rodriguez Francisco Red card
1986Pino Counago AlvaroMillar Robert Red card Kelly Sean Red card
1987Herrera LuisDietzen Raimund Yellow card Fignon Laurent Red card
1988Kelly Sean Red card Dietzen Raimund Yellow card Fuerte Abelenda Anselmo
1989Delgado Pedro Yellow card Parra FabioVargas Restrepo Oscar
1990Giovannetti MarcoDelgado Pedro Yellow card Fuerte Abelenda Anselmo
1991Mauri MelchiorIndurain Miguel Yellow card Lejarreta Marino Red card
1992Rominger Tony Yellow card Montoya Alarcon JesusDelgado Pedro Yellow card
1993Rominger Tony Yellow card Zülle Alex Red card Cubino Laudelino Yellow card
1994Rominger Tony Yellow card Zarrabeitia MikelDelgado Pedro Yellow card
1995Jalabert Laurent Yellow card Olano Abraham Red card Bruyneel Johan Red card
1996Zülle Alex Red card Dufaux Laurent Red card Rominger Tony Yellow card
1997Zülle Alex Red card Escartin FernandoDufaux Laurent Red card
1998Olano Abraham Red card Escartin FernandoJimenez José-maria Yellow card
1999Ullrich Jan Red card Gonzales De Galdeano Igor Red card Heras Roberto Yellow card
2000Heras Roberto Yellow card Casero Angel Yellow card Tonkov Pavel Yellow card
2001Casero Angel Yellow card Sevilla Oscar Red card Leipheimer Levi Red card
2002Gonzalez Aitor Red card Heras Roberto Yellow card Beloki Joseba
2003Heras Roberto Yellow card Nozal Isidro Red card Valverde Alejandro Red card
2004Heras Roberto Yellow card Perez Santiago Red card Mancebo Francisco Red card
2005Menchov Denis Red card Sastre CarlosMancebo Francisco Red card
2006Vinokourov Alexandre Red card Valverde Alejandro Red card Kashechkin Andrey Red card
2007Menchov Denis Red card Sastre CarlosSanchez Gonzalez Samuel Red card
2008Contador Alberto Red card Leipheimer Levi Red card Sastre Carlos
2009Valverde Alejandro Red card Sanchez Gonzalez Samuel Red card Evans Cadel
2010Nibali VincenzoMiquez Mosquera Ezequiel Miguel Yellow card Velits Peter
2011Cobo Acebo Juan Jose Red card Froome Christopher Clive Yellow card Wiggins Bradley Yellow card
2012Contador Alberto Red card Valverde Alejandro Red card Rodriguez Oliver Joaquin
2013Horner ChristopherNibali VincenzoValverde Alejandro Red card
2014Contador Alberto Red card Froome Christopher Clive Yellow card Valverde Alejandro Red card
2015Aru FabioRodriguez Oliver JoaquinMajka Rafal
2016Quintana Rojas Nairo Alexander Red card Froome Christopher Clive Yellow card Chaves Rubio Johan Esteban
2017Froome Christopher Clive Yellow card Nibali VincenzoZakarin Ilnur Red card
2018Yates Simon Red card Mas Nicolau EnricLopez Moreno Miguel Angel Red card
2019Roglic PrimozValverde Alejandro Red card Pogacar Tadej
2020Roglic PrimozCarapaz Montenegro Richard AntonCarthy Hugh
2021Roglic PrimozMas Nicolau EnricHaig Jack
2022Evenepoel RemcoMas Nicolau EnricAyuso Juan
2023Kuss SeppVingegaard Rasmussen JonasRoglic Primoz

Red card reports a rider who was sanctioned in a doping case
Yellow card reports a rider pinned in our doping directory but who has not been sanctioned or whose we are not aware of the possible sanction

The alternative prize list

The other track record is the one you will not see anywhere else. We have removed from the official list all the riders who have been, at one time or another of their career or even after, involved in a doping case and appear as such in our directory.
This alternative ranking starts in 1968, the date of the first anti-doping tests.

Tour Winner Second Third
1968Perez Frances JoséVelez EusebioErrandonea José-maria
1969Pingeon RenéLasa José-manuelWright Michael
1970Tamames AgustinGaldos FranciscoSantamarina Luis-pedro
1971Galera ManuelTamames AgustinMartos Antonio
1972Fuente José-manuelTamames AgustinAja Gonzalo
1973Pesarrodona JoséTorres PedroTamames Agustin
1974Fuente José-manuelUribezubia José-luisVallori Antonio
1975Tamames AgustinKuiper HenniePerletto Giuseppe
1976Pesarrodona JoséLopez-carril VicenteKuiper Hennie
1977Thaler Klaus-peterClively GaryPesarrodona José
1978Pesarrodona JoséSchipper JosMartinez Heredia Enrique
1979Galdos FranciscoRuperez FaustinoTorres Pedro
1980Ruperez FaustinoTorres PedroDe Muynck Johan
1981Marcussen JorgenRuperez FaustinoChozas Eduardo
1982Nilsson Sven-akeRuperez FaustinoMutter Stefan
1983Pino Counago AlvaroKuiper HennieChozas Eduardo
1984Corredor Alvarez EdgarJimenez Bautista José-patrocinioRodriguez Magro Jesus
1985Ruiz Cabestany PelloParra FabioPino Counago Alvaro
1986Pino Counago AlvaroRuiz Cabestany PelloParra Fabio
1987Herrera LuisVargas Restrepo OscarFuerte Abelenda Anselmo
1988Fuerte Abelenda AnselmoParra FabioBlanco Villar Jesus
1989Parra FabioVargas Restrepo OscarPino Counago Alvaro
1990Giovannetti MarcoFuerte Abelenda AnselmoRuiz Cabestany Pello
1991Mauri MelchiorParra FabioRuiz Cabestany Pello
1992Montoya Alarcon JesusGiovannetti MarcoParra Fabio
1993Rincon Quintana OliveiroMontoya Alarcon JesusBreukink Erik
1994Zarrabeitia MikelRincon Quintana OliveiroAparicio Vicente
1995Mauri MelchiorPistore RobertoGarcia Marquina David
1996Pistore RobertoFaustini StefanoEscartin Fernando
1997Escartin FernandoZaina EnricoBordenave Philippe
1998Escartin FernandoUria Gonzales José-manuelPlaza David
1999Rubiera Vigil José-luisBlanco Gil SantiagoZarrabeitia Mikel
2000Laiseka Jaoi RobertoEscartin FernandoSastre Carlos
2001Mercado Juan MiguelPlaza DavidRubiera Vigil José-luis
2002Beloki JosebaGarcia Casas Felix ManuelZubeldia Haimar
2003Perez Rodriguez LuisGarcia Casas Felix ManuelPereiro Oscar
2004Garcia Quesada CarlosSastre CarlosGomez Marchante José Angel
2005Sastre CarlosGarcia Quesada CarlosPlaza Molina Ruben
2006Sastre CarlosGomez Marchante José AngelKarpets Vladimir
2007Sastre CarlosEvans CadelEfimkin Vladimir
2008Sastre CarlosRodriguez Oliver JoaquinGesink Robert
2009Evans CadelGesink RobertRodriguez Oliver Joaquin
2010Nibali VincenzoVelits PeterRodriguez Oliver Joaquin
2011Mollema BaukeMonfort MaximeNibali Vincenzo
2012Rodriguez Oliver JoaquinMoreno Fernandez DanielGesink Robert
2013Horner ChristopherNibali VincenzoRodriguez Oliver Joaquin
2014Rodriguez Oliver JoaquinAru FabioMartin Daniel
2015Aru FabioRodriguez Oliver JoaquinMajka Rafal
2016Chaves Rubio Johan EstebanTalansky AndrewDe La Cruz Melgarejo David
2017Nibali VincenzoKelderman WilcoPoels Wouter
2018Mas Nicolau EnricKruijswijk StevenPinot Thibaut
2019Roglic PrimozPogacar TadejMajka Rafal
2020Roglic PrimozCarapaz Montenegro Richard AntonCarthy Hugh
2021Roglic PrimozMas Nicolau EnricHaig Jack
2022Evenepoel RemcoMas Nicolau EnricAyuso Juan
2023Kuss SeppVingegaard Rasmussen JonasRoglic Primoz

The alternative list allows us to establish a list of winners since 1968, who do not appear in the doping directory, classified by number of victories:

Victories Riders
4Sastre Carlos
3Pesarrodona José
Roglic Primoz
2Mauri Melchior
Escartin Fernando
Tamames Agustin
Pino Counago Alvaro
Rodriguez Oliver Joaquin
Fuente José-manuel
Nibali Vincenzo
1Kuss Sepp
Evenepoel Remco
Mas Nicolau Enric
Chaves Rubio Johan Esteban
Aru Fabio
Horner Christopher
Mollema Bauke
Evans Cadel
Garcia Quesada Carlos
Perez Rodriguez Luis
Beloki Joseba
Mercado Juan Miguel
Laiseka Jaoi Roberto
Rubiera Vigil José-luis
Pistore Roberto
Zarrabeitia Mikel
Rincon Quintana Oliveiro
Montoya Alarcon Jesus
Giovannetti Marco
Parra Fabio
Fuerte Abelenda Anselmo
Herrera Luis
Ruiz Cabestany Pello
Corredor Alvarez Edgar
Nilsson Sven-ake
Marcussen Jorgen
Ruperez Faustino
Galdos Francisco
Thaler Klaus-peter
Galera Manuel
Pingeon René
Perez Frances José

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