The real numbers of doping


The three great tours crossed with our doping directory

We have crossed all the Tours of France, Italy and Spain since 1968 with our doping directory . The report is bloody: the doping is not the fact of some bad apples: it is indeed widespread or, at least, it was. In recent years, the improvement is noticeable but it is advisable to remain cautious. This sport cannot abandon this doping culture that easily.

The alternative ranking of Grand Tour winners since 1968

The other ranking is the one you will not see anywhere else. We have removed from the official list all the riders who were, at one time or another of their career or even after, involved in a doping case and appear as such in our directory.
This alternative ranking starts in 1968, the date of the first anti-doping tests.

Victories Riders

2013 UCI WorldTour teams and French teams crossed with our doping directory

At a time when the UCI believes in a "bright future for cycling" (sic), we can be skeptical about the professional cyclist's ability to turn the page on doping. In particular, when many team managers have have been involved in doping scandals in the past. We dissect the organizational charts of the UCI World Tour 2013 teams in search of these bad apples.

Other statistics of doping

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