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Freeman tribunal: The full damning list of allegations

08/11/2019 - - Patrick Fletcher

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After months of delay, the medical tribunal looking into Richard Freeman formally opened on Thursday and, with it, the full list of allegations faced by the former British Cycling and Team Sky doctor was made public, as set out below.


After a preliminary session last Tuesday in which lawyers for Freeman and the General Medical Council (GMC) set out their respective cases, the tribunal spent more than a week discussing a proposed amendment to one of the key allegations. That was granted on Thursday morning, and the tribunal proper finally got underway.

Of the 22 allegations, Freeman is contesting just four, all relating to the delivery of testosterone (...) to British Cycling and Team Sky HQ in Manchester in June 2011.

The critical allegation from an anti-doping point of view is 12b: "You placed the Order and obtained the Testogel knowing or believing it was to be administered to an athlete to improve their athletic performance."

Freeman has stated that he will argue he ordered the testosterone for former British Cycling and Team Sky coach Shane Sutton. Sutton denies this and will appear as a witness for the GMC, which is set to provide evidence from an endocrinologist showing Sutton would have no need for testosterone.

The other areas of misconduct, such as medical record keeping, use of prescription medication and treatment of colleagues, had previously been exposed by investigations from UK Anti-Doping and a Parliamentary committee. Here, Freeman formally acknowledges fault (...).

Below is the full list of allegations faced by Freeman and his response to them.


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