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Last update : 08/05/2024


Successive names

Year Team Category
2020 CCC Team 0
2019 CCC Team 0
2018 Bmc Racing Team 0
2017 Bmc Racing Team 1
2016 Bmc Racing Team 0
2015 BMC Racing Team 0
2014 BMC Racing Team 0
2013 BMC Racing Team 0
2012 BMC Racing Team 0
2011 BMC Racing Team 0
2010 BMC Racing Team 2
2009 Bmc Racing Team 0
2008 Bmc Racing Team 0
2007 Bmc Racing Team 0
2006 Phonak Hearing Systems 4
2005 Phonak Hearing Systems 4
2004 Phonak Hearing Systems 4
2003 Phonak Hearing Systems 1
2002 Phonak Hearing system 1
2001 Phonak Hearing Systems 0
2000 Phonak Hearing Systems 1

List of team doping cases

Rider Product Race Year Penalization Control
Sanchez Gonzalez Samuel GHRP-2 Contrôle inopiné 2017 Yes Positive control
Frei Thomas EPO Contrôle inopiné 2010 Yes Positive control
Santambrogio Mauro 2010 No Affaire Lampre
Baker Arnie Piratage du LNDD 2006 Yes Enquête judiciaire
Landis Floyd Piratage du LNDD 2006 Yes Enquête judiciaire
Landis Floyd Testosterone Tour de France 2006 Yes Positive control
Urweider Sascha Testosterone 2006 Yes Positive control
Gonzalez Capilla Santos Tour d'Espagne 2005 No Contrôle interne
Gonzalez Capilla Santos Tour de France 2005 No Contrôle interne
Guidi Fabrizio EPO Cyclassics 2005 No Positive control
Nose Tomasz 2005 No Contrôle interne
Camenzind Oscar EPO Contrôle inopiné 2004 Yes Positive control
Hamilton Tyler Blood transfusion Jeux Olympiques 2004 No Contrôle positif, aveux en 2011
Hamilton Tyler Blood transfusion Tour d'Espagne 2004 Yes Positive control
Perez Santiago Blood transfusion Course à Aigle 2004 Yes Positive control
Bergmann Reto Détention d'Andriol (anabolisant) 2003 Yes Flagrante delicto
Buxhofer Matthias Norandrostérone Tour du Danemark 2002 Yes Positive control
Summer Jochen Phentermine 2000 Yes Positive control

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