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Texas court will hear Armstrong vs USADA case on August 10th

16/07/2012 - - Shane Stokes

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The United States district court in Austin, Texas has set a date for the hearing in relation to an application lodged by Lance Armstrong and his legal team on July 9th.

The complaint was made against the investigation being carried out by the US Anti Doping Agency, claiming that investigation is unconstitutional and that it is the result of an eight-year vendetta against him.

District court judge Sam Sparks has ruled that the hearing will take place on August 10th, starting 2pm. He has however stated that he feels a conclusion will not be reached by the end of a deadline imposed by USADA on July 11th.

"The Court is advised there is presently no need for a temporary restraining order in this case, in light of Defendants' agreement to extend Armstrong's arbitration deadline by thirty days," he wrote in a document sent to Armstrong and USADA on July 13th.

"However, because this case is unlikely to have been resolved by that date, the agreed extension is likely only to postpone the question of whether this Court should enjoin Defendants from enforcing arbitration deadline against Armstrong while the lawsuit progresses."

USADA is yet to respond publically on the matter. According to Boulder Criminal Law Advisor, USADA's options include filing a motion to dismiss the district court case, a motion to compel arbitration or a motion to stay pending arbitration.


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