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Last update : 18/08/2022


Successive names

Year Team Category
2012 OFM - Valongo
2013 OFM - Quinta da Lixa
2014 OFM - Quinta da Lixa
2015 W52 - Quinta da Lixa
2016 W52 - FC Porto
2017 W52 - FC Porto
2018 W52 - FC Porto
2019 W52 - FC Porto
2020 W52 - FC Porto
2021 W52 - FC Porto
2022 W52 - FC Porto

List of team doping cases

Rider Product Race Year Penalization Control
Brandão Joni 2022 Yes Police investigation
Caldeira Samuel 2022 Yes Disciplinary investigation
Goncalves Maciel José Isidro 2022 Yes Police investigation
Mestre Correia Ricardo Jorge 2022 Yes Police investigation
Ribeiro Nuno 2022 Yes Police investigation
Rodrigues João 2022 Yes Police investigation
Vilela Afonso Ricardo Augusto 2022 Yes Police investigation
Vinhas Carvalho Rui Pedro 2022 Yes Police investigation
Lemos Pinto Edgar Miguel Usage de méthodes et/ou substances interdites 2020 Yes Positive control
Alarcon Garcia Raul Passeport biologique anormal 2019 Yes Passeport biologique
Lima Fonte César Andre Betametasone Porto - Vila Nova de Gaia 2018 Yes Positive control
Marques Porto Alejandro Manuel Corticostéroïdes Tour du Portugal 2013 Yes Positive control

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