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Banned-for-life Gran Fondo champion caught in drug raid

25/11/2022 - - John Woodson

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42 year-old La Indurain 2022 gran fondo champion Angel Vazquez Iglesias has been accused of participating in an illegal drug ring that distributed performance enhancing products across Spain and Portugal, according to the newswire service EFE.

The Spanish athlete was a professional cyclist from 2005-2007 and has a long history of professional and amateur doping violations, including being banned-for-life and then repeatedly participating in gran fondos, including the famous Quebrantahueso and most recently La Indurain.

On Thursday Spain's Guardia Civil and its Unidad Central Operativa serious crimes unit revealed that eight individuals, including Angel Vazquez Iglesias are being investigated as part of ongoing drug operation “Ilex.” Adding, Angel Vazquez Iglesias allegedly recruited young athletes to buy and take the illegal drug ring's products, which cost up to 3000 euros.

The athletes, some minors, mixed the performance enhancing drugs, some banned and some not, with over-the-counter nutritional supplements to create a “super cocktail” for consumption prior to competition. Drugs seized by the government include the blood booster Actovegin (...) a fertility drug.

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