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Last update : 08/05/2024


Successive names

Year Team Category
1998 Riso Scotti - MG Maglificio 3
1997 Maglificio MG - Technogym 4
1996 MG Boys Maglificio - Technogym 1
1995 Maglificio MG Boys - Doni Dorigo 0
1994 GB - MG Boy's 0
1993 GB - MG Boy's 0
1992 GB - MG Boys 0
1991 TonTon Tapis 0

List of team doping cases

Rider Product Race Year Penalization Control
Brignoli Ermanno EPO Tour de France 1998 No Senate Commission of Inquiry
Miceli Nicola Hématocrite > 50% Tour d'Italie 1998 Yes Blood test
Minali Nicola EPO Tour de France 1998 No Senate Commission of Inquiry
Bertolini Alessandro Caffeine Tour du Pays Basque 1997 Unknown Positive control
Ferretti Giancarlo Possession d'EPO et Synachten 1997 Yes Police investigation
Santaromita Mauro-Antonio Hématocrite > 50% Paris-Nice 1997 Yes Analyses sang
Sarti Luigi Facilitation de dopage 1997 Yes Police investigation
Fontanelli Fabiano Testosterone Amstel Gold Race 1996 Yes Positive control

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