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Last update : 18/08/2022


Successive names

Year Team Category
2004 Team L.P.R. - Piacenza Management srl
2005 Team L.P.R.
2006 Team L.P.R.
2007 Team L.P.R.
2008 Lpr Brakes
2009 Lpr Brakes Farnese Vini
2010 De Rosa - Stac Plastic
2011 De Rosa - Ceramica Flaminia
2012 Utensilnord Named
2013 Utensilnord -
2014 Utensilnord
2015 Utensilnord
2016 Szuper Beton
2017 Szuper Beton
2018 Szuper Beton

List of team doping cases

Rider Product Race Year Penalization Control
Ratti Eddy EPO Contrôle inopiné 2010 No Positive control
Bosisio Gabriele EPO Contrôle inopiné 2009 Yes Positive control
Di Luca Danilo EPO CERA Tour d'Italie 2009 Yes Contrôle positif (2 fois)
Marinangeli Sergio Thiazide Contrôle inopiné 2009 Yes Positive control
Del Biaggio Andrea EPO Contrôle inopiné 2005 Yes Positive control

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