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Last update : 18/08/2022


Successive names

Year Team Category
1993 Vosschemie
1994 Vosschemie
1995 Vosschemie - RDM
1996 RDM - New Systems
1997 RDM - Asfra - Sitra
1998 Spar - RDM
1999 Spar - RDM
2000 Spar - Oki - Daewoo
2001 Zetelhallen

List of team doping cases

Rider Product Race Year Penalization Control
Peys Peter Amphetamines Gand-Wevelgem 2000 Unknown Positive control
Rivera Gianni Grand Prix Tistaert 1999 Unknown Positive control
Piil Jakob Nandrolone Six jours de Grenoble 1997 No Positive control

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