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Last update : 18/08/2022


Successive names

Year Team Category
2008 Centro Ciclismo de Loulé
2009 Centro Ciclismo de Loulé - Louletano
2010 Centro Ciclismo de Loulé - Louletano
2011 Louletano - Loulé
2012 Louletano - Dunas Douradas
2013 Louletano - Dunas Douradas
2014 Louletano - Dunas Douradas
2015 Louletano - Ray Just Energy
2016 Louletano - Hospital De Loule
2017 Louletano - Hospital De Loule
2018 Aviludo - Louletano - Uli
2019 Aviludo - Louletano
2020 Aviludo - Louletano
2022 Aviludo - Louletano - Loulé Concelho

List of team doping cases

Rider Product Race Year Penalization Control
Garcia De Mateos Rubio Vicente 2018 Yes Passeport biologique
Mendoça Ribeiro Luis Carlos Bétaméthasone Classica Aldeias do Xisto 2018 Yes Positive control
Vieira Ribeiro Sergio Miguel Passeport biologique non conforme 2013 Yes Passeport biologique
Dos Reis Baptista Ludovic Contrôle inopiné 2010 Yes Absence at control
Lopes Goncalves Pedro Contrôle inopiné 2010 Yes Positive control
Jimenez Sanchez Eladio EPO recombinante, testostérone Tour du Portugal 2009 Yes Positive control

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