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Millward positive - for a local anaesthetic

27/07/2001 - CyclingNews.com - Jeff Jones

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The world's number one ranked female cyclist, Anna Millward (Saturn) has tested positive for a restricted substance (lidocaïne) on the UCI and IOC lists, according to Cycling Australia. (...)

Millward told Cyclingnews that the substance was "a product called 'Soov' which is in all A.I.S. medical kits and is not be banned under Australian regulations...My main error was in not writing down that I used 'Soov' on my drug test form as if I had done that then the lidocaïne in my urine would have been explained, and it would not have registered as a positive test."

She was using the substance during the Tour de l'Aude in France to treat mosquito bites which became inflamed and in turn led to the use of a topical cream. The UCI does allow the use of certain topical creams that contain trace amounts of banned products, provided they are applied locally and are for a specific medical necessity.


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